• ScarletHollowWIFWalbumart350What If Never Was Album Review by Daniel Davidson-Amadi Posted on: Nov 6th, 2012

      Wow! What an epic introduction to this 10-track album is "The Path" is 7 minutes of genius! After one song, you know to expect a very professionally organised production but, even with all its magnificence, it is still just a tip of the iceberg. This progressive rock quartet pour out a brilliantly produced metal record serenaded by the melodic lead songstress, Allison von Buelow. There is…

    • ScarletHollowWIFWalbumart350A new review of our new CD..... We are so grateful...... Posted on: Nov 20th, 2012

      Ventura, California’s Scarlet Hollow's first full length offering" What If Never Was ", is a testament to the undiscovered wilds this style of music can go to. An unintentional concept album of sorts, each track was created as it’s own living entity, but as a whole What If Never Was largely became a group of songs that told the story of a person’s journey through the healing process after…

    • New Scarlet Hollow album in the works Posted on: Oct 28th, 2013

      The writing process has begun on a new Scarlet Hollow record. To be released sometime this late spring 2014. Gregg Olson, who has stepped away from his guitar duties a bit, is focusing more on keys, and synths. The result is a more "progressive, atmospheric and textural element to the new songs" says Gregg Olson. Their last album, the critically acclaimed "What If Never Was", was released on…

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