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What if Never Was


Following up on their well received 2010 EP "Sanctuary," Ventura California based progressive rock band Scarlet Hollow has spent the last 2 years working on an epic concept album titled "What If Never Was." Lead vocalist and lyricist Allison Vonbuelow states, "Its 10 individual songs that completely stand on their own, but the first 9 are part of a larger picture that tell the tale of a person’s spiritual and emotional journey as they try to heal from the after effects of war."  
Guitarist Gregg Olson says, "We actually didn't even realize we had a concept album going until we played a few of the early demos for some friends and they pointed it out. They also said the music reminded them of scenes form The Game of Thrones books and movies. It really just took on a life of its own, as we never set out to make a concept album. It just kind of happened that way." " There is also a lot of Norse, Celtic, and Pagan blood flowing in our band, and I think we tapped into all that," says Scarlet's bassist Jeff Mack.

“The level of musicianship is super high in Scarlet Hollow, but never at the expense of emotion or the music. It sounds new and fresh, but at the same time familiar. We are all super into the classic 70's prog rock, hard rock, and even some folk bands. But we are also huge fans of the modern progressive metal bands like Meshugga and Opeth, so it all comes out in this hybrid kind of thing that I hope fans of both old and new, mellow and heavy, light and dark, and decay and beauty will appreciate," says Drummer Diego Grom Meraviglia. “Along with one of the best album titles I’ve ever heard “What If Never Was,” these guys have just about everything else going for them. Beautiful, honest vocals and emotionally charged intuitive music with no elements lacking. It’s the perfect mix of beauty and tension. Fans of Porcupine Tree will especially enjoy." 
- James Moore, "I have been listening to your album "What If Never Was" all morning, and I do have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! This is my 4th time through and I'm sure it will only keep opening up the more I listen to it. You all have created an amazing experience. The production on this is super impressive.You have made something that is timeless!"
- Adam Johnston, multiple Emmy award winning sound Engineer
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