Jeff Mack


scarletjefflargeJeff Mack is not your typical bass guitarist. He is a lyrical and creative arranger/composer who’s medium is the bass guitar. Jeff’s technique as a bassist stems from his educational background and live performance experiences. He is an honors graduate from The Musicians Institute of Technology and has studied at The Faunt School of Music where his progressive musical creativity unfolded. Jeff has performed live with many different styles of bands from New York to Southern California since the age of 15. His favorite style of music though is Prog. After receiving a phone call from guitarist Gregg Olson and singer/guitarist Allison Von Buelow of Echo’s Landing for an audition he discovered that they all had a love for Progressive Rock, hence Scarlet Hollow was then born. Since then, Jeff has recorded two albums with Scarlet Hollow and the 3rd album is in the works. Whether it’s a Neo-Classical instrumental, Jazz Ballad, Prog Opus or a Big Band Ensemble, Jeff Mack has the tools of the trade of a professional and progressive bass guitarist.

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