Gregg Olson

Electric Guitars

GreggGregg Olson is a professional audio recording engineer / producer, who learned his
 craft in studios using old school analog recording techniques, engineering for Hammer 
Sound  Recorders, CornerStone Recorders, Pacific Sound, and at many other top L.A.
studios. He has learned on and is comfortable working with most of the legendary 
analog consoles like Neve, SSL, Trident, and Api’s, and has an in depth knowledge of
the best analog gear that is so sought after and emulated in today’s digital world.  Gregg 
is also fluent on most computer based recording platforms.

Gregg has learned from and worked with many legendary bands, engineers, and
 producers of which include Lindsey Buckingham,  Don Smith,  Mat Forger, Bob Ezrin, 
Motley Crew,  Kiss, Toto,  Ronnie James Dio, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, War, and, Paul
 Rogers.  He has also engineered for countless people and bands trying to put there 
mark on the music scene.

Gregg’s main instrument is the guitar, but he is also an accomplished keyboardist.  He is 
a self taught musician who’s interests lie in both jazz fusion and progressive rock. He 
has been the guitarist for numerous jazz fusion projects and has been influenced by and
 opened shows for jazz fusion icons Alan Holdsworth  and Chick Corea. Gregg’s
 influences in progressive rock are bands like Rush,  David Gilmore, Jimi Page,  Tool, 
Opeth, and Porcupine Tree. He is also greatly influenced by artists like Pat Metheny,
and many of the progressive and fusion bands of the 70’s.

In November of 2012 Gregg suffered a stroke and is making a full and speedy recovery.

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