Allison vonBuelow

Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Synths

AllisonMy dad gave me a nylon stringed guitar when i was ten and it became my best friend through a rocky (at times) relationship with my mom……I would play for hours on end.   I began my musical journey in high school as a guitar accompanist, and then developing a love for harmony vocals, I joined a trio  with amazing acoustic songwriters Karen And Craig Sadler.  With them, we formed  Avenue B with Mick Mahan (Pat Benetar), drummer Marc Glassman and guitarist James vonBuelow. In the early eighties Avenue B got a very rare opportunity to work in a club in Santa Monica for four nights a week for two years. We were encouraged to perform as much original material as we could write as long as the crowd kept coming in, which it did, and thus, songwriting became a major focus in my musical life. I also took advantage of this time to study with a vocal Coach, Claudia Jordan, who came to our gigs to analyze where my strengths and weaknesses were. I was interested in focusing on becoming a rock vocalist and at the same time, maintaining my own musical identity through learning to sing correctly.
My influences are mostly singer songwriters and bands like David Crosby and Joni Mitchell, Steven Wilson, Roger Waters, Heart, Gentle Giant, Zeppelin, Axl Rose, Davis Gilmore, Marillion, Iron Maiden, and, Queensryche.
I married Gregg Olson  2005, though our collaboration began in 2002……His influences come  from jazz, fusion,  prog rock , and metal.  We are committed to writing the kind of material that lends itself to being expanded using larger concepts, commanding more unique arrangements.

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